What is OptionID?

OptionID was created for one specific purpose. To identify and zone in on a potential options trade.

Options Trade aka “OptionID”

Each identified trade will include;

  1. A detailed analysis
  2. A risk profile
  3. An OptionID score

At OptionID, we know trading is risky and as such we NEVER make a recommendation in favor of or against a specific options trade. However, we will provide a unique score to each identified options trade. Thus, more informed decisions are possible.

Our score is essentially, what we think. By providing this score please understand we are NOT making a recommendation. Rather, we’re highlighting a possibility. In these instances, a trader would be well served to continue the investigation process prior to placing any trade.

Combined, the detailed analysis, the risk profile, and our proprietary scoring method create what we call the OptionID.

Due Diligence

With the OptionID’d a trader can take confidence knowing that much of the heavy lifting is already complete. However, always conduct your own research prior to placing any trade. We take pride in providing factual and relevant information but mistakes are possible. Therefore, we cannot recommend you attempt trading any candidate listed without first conducting your own research or without consulting a registered financial advisor, or both.

The information gathered within each OptionID is readily available for anyone from your broker or other financial data house. Also worth noting, data from various sources is often different and sometimes much different. Please always visit reputable financial websites for the most accurate data currently available.

If at any time you need to reach us please feel free to do so at: Support@OptionID.com

May God bless you and keep all your trading endeavors prosperous.

Please also feel free to reach us at our sister site TickerID via the link below.


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